Explore and evaluate Psychotherapy.net!

IdhearlaughterThe Fuller community is invited to explore and evaluate Psychotherapy.net, a database of streaming videos covering the fundamentals of psychotherapy, counseling, and addiction treatment.

You can search and explore the videos by approach, issues, population, and experts.

Your feedback is valuable to us!

Please visit the trial databases page for more information: http://infoguides.fuller.edu/trials/Psychotherapy


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3 responses to “Explore and evaluate Psychotherapy.net!

  1. Sung Kim

    I love this website and used some of its videos for my group psychotherapy class. Very helpful! I recommend Fuller’s subscription.

  2. Kevin Kurian

    Looks like it has some good videos for training purposes by some big names in the field. Could be good for professors to use in classes or assign for review. I’m impressed by the closed captioning and the ability to click through a transcript and go right to that section of the video. That will make finding important sections very easy by searching for key works. I’m going to keep looking at it, but by the first five minutes I was already very impressed.

  3. Heather

    So glad Fuller is considering this database. I hope they decide to subscribe!!! I have already watched a couple of the videos and am trying to watch as many as I can during the trial time. This is such a valuable tool and I wish Fuller had subscribed years ago!

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